Scientific Annals of the Psychological Society of Northern Greece


Papers submitted for publication to the Scientific Annals of the Psychological Society of Northern Greece should conform to the style set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (fourth edition, 1994). Specifically:

1. Manuscripts should be typewritten on A4 paper, on one face only, double-spaced, and with sufficient margins. The first page of the manuscript is the title page and should carry the title, the author(s) name(s), affiliation, address, telephone, fax number, and E-mail.
2. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 30 typewritten pages including abstract, tables, figures, illustrations, photographs, and bibliography.

3. Submitted manuscripts will be sent for blind review to two experts in the field; for this reason a second front page carrying only the title of the manuscript should be included for the review process. cceptance for publication will be based on the reviewers and the Editorial Committees remarks and evaluation.

4. An abstract of no more than 200 words must be provided. At the end of the abstract the author(s) should give no more than three key words.

5. Parts of the text or words that should be shown in italics in the published paper should be underlined in the manuscript.

6. References in the text should be given in alphabetical order and include the author(s) name and year of publication, e. g., (Bower, 1981; Erich & Metcalfe, 1989; Rusting, 1999).

7. The References should start from a separate page and should appear in alphabetical order, independently of whether it refers to articles in journals, to books, or to chapters in edited books, as follows:
        Erber, R., & Tesser, A. (1992). Task effort and the regulation of mood: The ab-sorption hypothesis. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 28, 339-359.
        Frijda, N. (1986). The emotions. Cambridge, England: University Press.
        Isen, A. M. (1993). Positive mood and decision making. In M. Lewis & J. Haviland (Eds.), Handbook of emotion (pp. 63-85). New York: Guilford.

8. Tables should be titled and numbered consecutively on separate sheets, after the References.
9. The figures and illustrations are submitted on separate sheets after the tables, without numbering, but with labels (e.g., Figure 1, Diagram 1, etc.). Figures and illustrations should be preceded by a separate page with the list of captions.

10. The position of tables and figures or illustrations in the manuscript should be clearly indicated in the text.

11. Submitted manuscripts are considered for publication if they are original and have not been submitted elsewhere.

12. The author(s) are responsible for obtaining publication permission for extensive parts, photos, illustrations, etc. published elsewhere.

13. Author(s) who submit a paper must send it in triplicate to:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Brouzos,
Department of Primary Education,
University of Ioannina, 451 10 Ioannina, Greece.
Tel.: +30-26510-95695; Fax: +30-26510-95846;
E-mail: abrouzos@cc.uoi.gr